March 15, 2014

Under the Sea: Human and Shark Peacefully Coexist

Since becoming an underwater photographer about five years ago, I have mainly been focused on that which you typically encounter while scuba diving: reef, fish, etc. The human element almost always presents itself with a tank strapped on the back, a light in the hand for reference, and a regulator in the mouth for breathing. View more…
March 15, 2014

This place is a dive.

Two men sipping coffee at a table while sharks circle – these incredible images look like they were conjured up on a computer. But they’re real photos taken at the bottom of the ocean, by underwater photographer Lia Barrett. View more..
March 15, 2014

The First American to 100 Meters: Nicholas Mevoli.

Today Nicholas Mevoli of Brooklyn made American history at the Caribbean Cup in Roatán. On this fourth day of the competition Mevoli successfully completed a dive down to 100 meters under constant ballast, on a single breath, and returned to the surface to be greeted by a white card from the AIDA judges and his third national record. View more…
March 15, 2014

Buceadores toman café entre tiburones.

Hay cosas que lo pueden distraer cuando toma un café con un amigo: comida entre los dientes, meseras o meseros que lucen bien, tiburones gigantes que nadan en círculos por encima su cabeza. View more..
March 15, 2014

Freedivers sip coffee with sharks 30 meters under sea.

Things which might distract you while having coffee with a friend: food in their teeth, attractive waiters, giant sharks circling your head. View more..
October 11, 2010

29 Athletes registrered..!!

There are already 29 registered athletes for the Caribbean Cup 2014. Among them, 3 world champions and several prominent athletes from 5 continents.