Roatan Freediving School & Training Center offers daily training with the best conditions, providing safety and infrastructure; also the possibility of attempts AIDA and/or CMAS national, continental and world records.


  • Experienced safety freedivers.
  • Safety Scuba & TEC divers.
  • Comfortable platform (12 x 12 ft) with conterballast-system.
  • High resolution deep sonar device.
  • Emergency evacuation boat on site with complete first aid kit.
  • Pure O2 (for recovery and emergency).
  • Ambulance on land (3 minutes from dive platform).
  • Medical emergency room (6 minutes from dive platform).
  • Medical Clinic with Hyperbaric Chamber (18 minutes from dive platform).
  • Aluminum Sled (VWT).
  • Electric winch.
  • Video at depth and surface.
  • Underwater Photographer and Videographer / Edition.


  • Single session: US$ 25 (+19% tax)
  • 5 to 9 sessions: US$ 23 (+19% tax) per session
  • 10 or more sessions: US $ 21 (+19% tax) per session
  • Optional coaching: additional US $ 17 (+15% tax) per session
  • O2 available additional US $ 5
Prices include basic equipment (mask, snorkel, fins, wet suit, weight belt, lanyard), boat transport, safety and set up provided by Roatan Freediving staff.
The prices mentioned above apply when there is a minimum of 2 divers training at -60 meters deep. Consult us for deep training packages prices (60+ meters, from platform with counterweight system, recovery O2, deep sonar) Consult us for Records Attempts prices.


Antonio Handal: AIDA Judge E
Esteban Darhanpe: AIDA Judge E
Mark Rogers: AIDA Judge E
Available AIDA judges with necessary levels for WR attempts.

Consult us for Records Attempts prices.